GPS Vehicle Tracking

Why use covert vehicle tracking?

  • You may suspect someone is not being honest about where they are or where they have been. 

  • You may have teenage children whose whereabouts you are concerned about.

  • You may have suspicions about where your partner is or has been.

  • You have noticed unusual or excessive mileage on a private or company vehicle.

GPS Trackers are a cost-effective, efficient way of monitoring vehicles and assets remotely and discreetly. With the ability to attach devices to vehicles in seconds IC Investigations operatives have deployed trackers nationally. 

The tracker reports back in real-time showing the trackers position on a moving map display as often as every 3 seconds.

The tracker obtains its position by using the GPS system (Global Positioning System) These satellites transmit a low power signal.

From these satellite transmissions your GPS Tracker can work out its location to within a few metres. This is a similar system to that used by car sat NAV systems and is extremely accurate.

The tracker then sends its position data via 2G or 3G on the mobile phone network to report its position this can be as often as every 3 seconds or if regular updates are not required much longer time spans can be selected.

The server also stores all the positions in a history file enabling you to see the trackers movements even from many months ago, enabling you to just leave it on the vehicle without logging in from your PC or phone and still be able to see what journeys it has made at your leisure.

The tracking panel can be viewed from our home page, just click the TRACKER Login Panel tab. Another option is to download an app which allows you to view the tracker location in real time on your smart phone or tablet.

Our trackers will work in 52 different countries giving you worldwide tracking capabilities.

Trackers can be rented for a few days or indefinitely

Note: GPS Tracking devices are used as an aid to surveillance or an investigation. There use only provides the location of the vehicle or asset they are attached to. The use of GPS tracking devices should be combined with other evidence.