Can Surveillance help me with my case?

The simple answer is; possibly.

It is not a catch all tool, but it can be the difference between a successful outcome and a unsuccessful outcome when presenting your case.

Surveillance can be an essential part of any investigation. As the saying goes, ‘ a picture paints a thousand words’, video gives you much much more. A subject can dispute written evidence, but when shown irrefutable evidence in the form of date and time stamped video they more often than not capitulate.

What does surveillance consist of ?

Covertly, or sometimes Overtly monitoring a property, a place or subjects to gather evidence or intelligence. 

We carry out different methods of surveillance such as:

Static observations – observing a home, a location or business address using covert vehicles to monitor all, or specific activity.

Foot and mobile – to follow subjects on foot, car or public transport to ascertain movements and locations. A foot follow can be used to capture footage of the subject walking, jogging, or carrying out activities they claim they are unable to do. Operators will generally use covert cameras to capture footage up close and personal. 

Undercover operations – The placing of an operator in to your workplace for intelligence gathering, covert footage or identifying criminal activity. This is often used when businesses are suffering from unexplained stock loss, damage to property or perceived bullying and harassment. We often carry out ‘mystery shopper’ operations, or what is also known as a test purchase. 

Technical surveillance – Use of vehicle trackers, placement of audio devices and covert cameras to monitor activity.

Counter Surveillance – To monitor a client to ascertain if he or she is under observations, along with any properties. This is often termed ‘watching the watchers’. 

IC Investigations regularly combine various techniques when carrying out investigations. Our surveillance tasks have ranged from a few hours to several weeks.

Our surveillance teams can be deployed throughout the UK and internationally. Teams consisting of 2 or more operatives (this is the minimum we recommend) carry out observations from  OP’s (observation position), mobile vehicles, and on foot.

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