Cheating partner suspicions

  • You may have had your suspicions for a while.

  • Your partner may be acting differently, but you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

  • You may have partial evidence and just need confirmation of your suspicions

We can help

Having and idea of some of the potential signs of infidelity can help you decide whether you need a private investigator in your search for the truth. Ask yourself some of the below questions

  • is your partner spending more time away from home, often at short notice,  for unusual or unexplainable periods?

  • do they seem to be working late more often, returning home smelling of unfamiliar perfume/aftershave?

  • are there any noticeable mobile phone habit changes. For example, a recently applied lock on their phone which you do not know the password to, taking their phone everywhere with them, such as the shower.

  • The volume turned off or put on vibrate. Constantly texting or receiving messages from the same number.

  • Going out of the room to text/use the phone.

  • Call or location history cleared. Unusual or unidentified contacts

  • they won’t answer their phone when you are present.

  • they change their personal habits/routine – start going to the gym, dress differently, groom more.

  • stay up late alone once you have retired for the night.

  • clear their computer history, utilise free email accounts such as Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail etc, spend odd hours or unusually long times on the computer, change the screen display when you enter the room.

  • remove you from their social media accounts – facebook, twitter etc.

  • they are not interested in romance/intimacy as much.

  • they are unusually defensive or start ignoring you.

Have you confronted them and not got the answers you want?

Is a new partner not all they seem to be? Is there a secret husband, wife or girlfriend/boyfriend behind the scenes?

We provide full detailed reports and can supply any footage obtained in the course of the investigation for use in legal cases.