Anti Social Behaviour Investigations

 Is Anti Social Behaviour ruining your life?

You don’t have to suffer in silence.

The problem starts; You call the police or another agency but when they arrive the anti social behaviour is no longer taking place.  

 No one else has seen or heard the problem.

Sound familiar?

You are not alone.

Without good evidence agencies and courts cannot act.

We can provide Diary sheets and advice on how to fill them in to show the most evidence possible; as well as helping to collate any evidence you may have; such as letters, answer phone messages, text messages. 

We can interview the victims of Anti Social Behaviour to take statements which can be used in legal proceedings.

We can capture video and audio evidence of the Anti Social Behaviour, which accompanied by statements and diaries provides irrefutable evidence for Local Authorities, Landlords and the Police. 

Our operatives can act as professional witnesses in cases where it goes to court.