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How our private investigators can help you.

IC Investigations offer an unmatched variety in the investigative services we offer. Our investigative company provides every operative with the means to carry out their job to the highest level, which means giving each investigator rigorous, thorough training in every investigative service we provide.

No matter the task, our private investigators are given every tool to succeed – including being backed up with some of the latest, most advanced technology available.

If you’re interested in reading more about any of our private investigation services, click on any of the services listed below. Each service, from surveillance to fraud investigations, has a dedicated page where you can read more about what our investigative company offers and how we tailor each case to every individual’s needs.


Our Surveillance Investigators are fully trained to carry out a professional, diligent service for a variety of businesses and private clients. Whether that includes covert surveillance or a fraud investigation along with surveillance in Harrogate & Newcastle.

Cheating/Suspicious Partner

If you have cheating suspicions, you’re not alone. Many people rightfully worry when their partner is acting suspicious, and it’s understandable to want answers instead of days, weeks or years of wondering.

Private Investigation

Is there a private investigator near me? If you’ve been asking this question, the answer is yes. Our private investigators will travel anywhere in the UK to provide investigation services that aren’t always available locally including locations Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Harrogate or Edinburgh.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Tracking a vehicle is a useful addition to any case, and often provides an affordable way to track an individual (or company vehicle) that would otherwise reach beyond most budgets. With our tracker login system, GPS vehicle tracking has never been this affordable or discreet.

Cohabitation Investigations, Legal & Landlord Support

Unlawful cohabitation can be costly, and a variety of other issues a landlord encounters often directly impacts their profit. Why let ongoing or suspected issues fester?

Anti-Social Behaviour Investigations

Anti-social behaviour is often taken for granted and accepted as a part of life – it shouldn’t. Our anti-social behaviour investigations can provide you with the proof you need to take action and ensure the behaviour comes to a stop.

Counter Surveillance

If you fear you’re under surveillance, our surveillance investigators can work with you to identify if this is the case. With a thorough investigative procedure, we can work out if you’re being watched and work to prevent it occurring.

Process Serving

Our investigative company can act as reliable, affordable process servers. From Hull to Newcastle, we can ensure your documents are served all across the UK.

About IC Investigations
All of our private investigation services are carried out with the utmost discretion, and no stone is left unturned in our work. For more information on our private investigative company, click above for more information on why you should trust us with your case – and how to get in touch. Get our investigative services in Durham or surveillance service in Newcastle right away. Hire a private investigator for Surveillance in Harrogate or Gateshead.

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