Infidelity & Deceit

Infidelity & DeceitDeceit-Typewriter2

There have been many articles written on this subject;
Signs to look for…
Top 10 signs that your partner is cheating etc

Having worked on numerous matrimonial and cheating partner cases, I can say with certainty there are no constant top 10 signs, most behaviours can certainly be explained away. Here are a couple of myths and patterns that don’t always mean anything on their own.

Partner put a lock on their phone?

As phones have started to store more and more of our information, the need to keep your mobile phone secure has increased dramatically. While it may have been suspicious in the past, this isn’t particularly alarming on its own.

Leaving the room to take calls

Their phone never leaves their side;

They have joined the gym. It could be because they are in a new relationship, it could be that they want to get fit or lose weight to impress, or maybe it is for you.

They work late at short notice; a lot of us do

Those that are committed to having an affair or affairs will go out of their way to cover up any suspicious activity.

Most of the infidelity cases we have dealt with have involved long running and elaborate deceptions. Quite often the ‘affair’ becomes a normal part of the participants life.

One subject we carried out surveillance on had been in a normal family relationship with another woman for 9 years, they even had a child together unbeknown to the subjects’ wife, our client.

There are things you can do that may help answer some of your questions…