Black Penetration Testing.

The Most Realistic, Rigorous Way to Test your Physical Security.

A padlock that a private investigator can conduct a physical penetration test on to review and find any vulnerabilities.

What is Black Team Physical Penetration Testing?

Black hat penetration testing is a the most realistic way to thoroughly test the security of your premises. Also know as a pentest, this is a simulated attack on the security of your business. A team of trained infiltrators and security professionals will attempt to gain access to your property or goods, using the same variety of methods that we’d expect a motivated criminal to use.

This is carried out to identify any vulnerabilities in your security, particularly any that wouldn’t be picked up that wouldn’t be picked up in a standard security audit. Our team of ex-military and police have a combined wealth of experience in securing every aspect of a property, and know exactly where to look for weakness.

What Does a Black Pentest Involve?

Unlike a white penetration test or a standard audit, we’re provided no details regarding the security systems you have in place. This is the most realistic way of learning if your security has any flaws that criminals are likely to exploit, as the entire process is carried out from the perspective of a potential infiltrator. From the reconnaissance learning process to the actual attempts to infiltrate, you’ll receive a thorough insight into your security from an outsider perspective.

For physical security, a black penetration test can include:

  • Reconnaissance to learn what security you have in place, including potential entry points and perceived weaknesses.
  • Testing security equipment from locks to electronic security systems.
  • Attempting to gain entry to critical infrastructure like server rooms and storage facilities.
  • Social engineering methods to gain entry.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Black Team Penetration Testing?

Any business that stores valuables on a site can benefit from black penetration testing. What many don’t realise is that without a thorough pentest, vulnerabilities can exist in a business that are waiting for criminals to take notice. Another thing to consider is if there are valuables on your site that you didn’t consider valuable. This includes:

  • Cash, office equipment (computers etc.), goods waiting to be sold or transported.
  • Private business information can be used to exploit a company in a variety of ways, and motivated corporate criminals can sell this info to the highest bidder.
  • Servers – while these are often thoroughly pen-tested digitally, the physical security of a server room can often be left lacking. These are incredibly valuable, and can a criminal gaining access can quickly decimate or hack in for a variety of nefarious reasons.
  • Personal information – this can be held in a variety of formats. Do you have documents (on your computers or on paper) with customer info? Local registers? Constituency info? Logs of personal information are frequently sold across the world, and are incredibly valuable to cyber criminals that will pay for them.
  • Employees – are they safe within your office? An attacker may be more interested in inflicting harm upon your employees than anything financially motivated.
  • Real estate – have you employed the right people to check the locks on properties? Are there other ways a house can be accessed?

As you can see, there’s a variety of ‘valuables’ you might not have thought of – but criminals have. This makes black penetration testing a useful application for almost every business that owns property.

Hire a Physical Security Test Today.

Are you willing to risk today’s vulnerabilities becoming tomorrow’s regrets? Once a criminal notices a security flaw, your business is at their whim – all it takes is one person to notice the value of your contents.

By hiring a black team penetration test, you’re ensuring that your property isn’t in the scope of criminals looking for quick cash. The money you spend on a penetration test guarantees your property is secure from the same break-in efforts any motivated criminal could make, potentially saving you far more by preventing the cost of any theft or damages.

IC Investigations offers a thorough, fully-qualified black team penetration test for any business across the UK. We have decades of experience from careers in the military and police and have conducted specialized training in carrying out these tests, meaning the security of your business is in good hands.

Our pricing is extremely competitive – IC Investigations is dedicated to keeping our services affordable whilst making no sacrifices in the quality of our work.

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