Physical Penetration Test: Why is a Physical Security Penetration Test Good for Business?

There are a variety of benefits to applying physical penetration testing to your business – including saving you money. But what is physical penetration testing, and how else can it help your business?

Physical penetration tests ensure the security of your property can prevent robbery.

What is Physical Penetration Testing?

Physical penetration testing is a realistic simulation of an attempted intrusion or break-in attempt, carried out by a team of trained security professionals. This identifies weaknesses or flaws in the physical security of a business or property, allowing owners to improve their security and fix major flaws before a criminal abuses it to their advantage.

Physical penetration tests are particularly valuable because they’re carried out from an outside perspective. A black team penetration test gives the testers no security information, meaning your security is reviewed from the same perspective a criminal would be looking for a way in.

Why is Physical Penetration Testing Good for Business?

Physical penetration testing is the right choice for almost any business – there’s rarely a case where at least one of our suggested benefits don’t apply to a company or property. Below are just a few reasons why you can benefit from a physical penetration test.

Physical Penetration Testing Improves Existing Security.

Physical penetration testing can improve your existing security, including CCTV, property borders and in-house security teams.

A lot of business owners assume – fairly – that hiring an in-house security team means their property is already safe. This isn’t correct.

Typical security teams will operate only from their own perspective of providing security from within, and will typically ignore many red flags that are visible to people looking for a way in from outside. There are also a variety of social engineering flaws that a security guard – who is, after all, still human – very often fall for.

Physical Penetration Testing Saves Money on Insurance.

Physical penetration testing saves you money on insurance.

If a burglary forces you to make an insurance claim, your premium will almost certainly rise. If you’ve had to make a claim, insurers count your property as being at a higher risk than usual. Your claims raise a risk profile that’s visible to all insurers, meaning you’ll find even if you try and change provider you’ll still face higher costs.

A physical penetration test reduces the odds of your property or business being considered for robbery in the first place, let alone actually robbed. This means a physical security penetration test can prevent you being charged exorbitant increases in your insurance. The penetration test is a one-off payment, while raised insurance costs can cost you or your business money that heavily outweighs the cost of a test over the course of years.

Physical Penetration Testing Protects Data.

Physical penetration testing makes sure the data you're responsible for is kept safe.

If you’re handling the data of anyone in Europe – including consumers, customers or electoral registers – you’re responsible for making sure it’s safe.

The GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – states that data must be protected “in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures”.

If your business or property is targeted and this data is accessed, you’re liable if you can’t display you went to correct lengths to stop this from happening. Most businesses would be surprised how easy it is to access their property and valuables, which is why a physical penetration test is a way to prove on-record that you have made significant efforts to protect data.

Burglary is a Crime of Opportunity, Which Physical Penetration Tests Remove.

Physical penetration tests catch a variety of opportunities criminals might see, including broken fences and blind spots.

Typically, unless your business is specifically targeted, burglary is simply a crime of opportunity. If a criminal spots a vulnerability in your property, they’ll take advantage of the weakness before you have a chance to fix it.

A black-team physical penetration test is carried out by individuals from an outside perspective. With no information provided to them, the pentest team looks for all the same opportunities that any genuine criminal would. By professionally identifying potential opportunities, you’re ensuring that criminals don’t see your property as a chance to grab some free money.

Even just the attempt of burglary can still result in property damage costing hundreds (sometimes even thousands) to repair.

It’s simple: with the opportunity to rob your property gone, most criminals won’t give a second thought to targeting your building.

Can You Afford a Robbery?

Physical penetration tests can save you thousands - can you afford to be robbed?

As we’ve demonstrated, the cost of a robbery often goes far beyond the value of what gets stolen. If you’re considering hiring a UK physical penetration test, IC Investigations can provide a professional approach to securing your property.

Read more about our physical security penetration testing, or get in touch by visiting our contact page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may still have, and our team of private investigators can assist with a variety of other business issues.

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