Surveillance, Fraud Investigations and Case Studies: Private Investigators Can Work for Businesses.

Private investigators don’t always work alone, and likewise they don’t always work for individuals. UK private investigators can be a great fit for corporate and small businesses alike, and can work for your company to provide a variety of answers to your cases. A lot of our business cases center around providing answers to issues with direct financial consequences, and as a result we have saved multiple businesses money in the long run.

Our private investigators work in Darlington, London, Leeds, Newcastle and beyond to deliver answers to business clients all across the UK. In this article we’ll talk about some of the most common services we provide to them, as well as provide some case studies from recent cases.

Using surveillance to investigate fraud.

A shady, suspicious man being followed with surveillance by a private investigator as part of a fraud investigation.

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked by is if businesses can hire private investigators for surveillance on employees: the answer is yes.

If someone believes their employee is being dishonest or committing an offence, they can use a private investigator to get answers and proof with a fraud investigation. Examples of employee conduct that can be investigated include:

  • Lying about their location.
  • Skimming/stealing cash.
  • Poaching or defrauding clients.
  • Lying about details regarding sick leave.

While this list doesn’t cover every reason for a private investigator to be called, from our experience it covers the most frequent discussions we have with businesses. A lot of employees are given a great deal of responsibility, and it’s a sad reality that a small minority of workers can abuse this trust through deception.

IC Investigations – and other private investigators – can provide covert surveillance and testing for businesses that want to carry out fraud investigations. Our surveillance services include:

  • Vehicle tracking to find out and prove where an employee is going. This is useful for finding out what they’re doing on time you’re paying for, or where they’re going with any company vehicle they may use.
  • Undercover operations. This involves a trained investigator following a consumer process, E.G. visiting a branch, speaking to an employee or making a purchase while undercover. While this can just be for quality assessment purposes, it’s often used to investigate suspicions that an employee may be poaching clients, stealing cash or skimming money from sales.
  • Covert surveillance – watching how an employee acts, either outside of your business or within. This is an option for people wanting to investigate an employee who is on a sick leave that seems suspicious, as covert surveillance can provide video proof of someone doing things they claim to be unable to do – for example walk, leave the house or lift anything. Covert surveillance can also be used to prove poaching and/or theft.
  • Recording evidence of wrongdoing is usually necessary for our clients to take action. As part of our standards for quality, we’ll ensure that our findings are backed up with evidence that provides physical backing to our claims. This is perfect for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to try and catch an employee out in a lie themselves.

Fraud investigation case studies.

A private investigator taking a photo of people from across the street as part of an investigation.

IC Investigations has a record of delivering results to businesses, and our lead private investigator has personally provided results that have allowed legal action to be pursued. Below, we’ve listed just some of our cases that successfully resolved our client’s fraud investigations.

Fraud Investigation, Case Study 1 and 2: Falsified Sick Leave.

Crutches that have been abandoned by someone that doesn't need them, displaying how someone on sick leave might be found to be healthy with a fraud investigation.

Our first private investigator case study involves a business that had suspicions regarding an employee’s sick leave claim. This employee had claimed he had a back injury, which he further stated had been caused at his place of work. The subject stated that this back injury prevented him from working, and that he was unable to drive or even walk very far due to pain.

A private investigator was assigned to this case, and a week of surveillance revealed that this wasn’t true. Using surveillance, our private investigator proved to the client that the claims of this subject had been fabricated and demonstrated with evidence that he was fully capable of walking and driving.

In another fraud investigation, our client suspected that an employee was working with another business whilst claiming sick leave with the client. The aim of this fraud investigation was to ID the subject working for another employer.

Over the course of six days, spread out over two weeks, we found that the client’s suspicions were correct. The subject was positively identified working as a cleaner in private houses, and we delivered a pattern and list of properties that the subject was identified working in.

Results: in both cases, the findings of our private investigators allowed businesses to freely act at their own discretion. If an employer discovers that they’ve been deceived, this provides legal grounds for a business to fire the perpetrator.

Fraud Investigation, Case Study 3: Client Poaching.

A man in a meeting with clients, who may be the subject of a fraud investigation for poaching clients.

In this case study, our private investigator was called in to investigate whether a subject was poaching clients from his employer’s business – our client.

Private investigators have a variety of tools at their disposal to follow a lead, and in this case our team planted a GPS tracker and followed up with covert surveillance to investigate suspicions. After using these methods, IC Investigations were able to prove the subject was guilty of poaching. Not only was he arranging meetings with these clients, he was selling products and completely pocketing the proceeds.

Result: Our client was able to stop having client leads and sales siphoned away, and take action against the employee.

Fraud Investigation, Case study 4 and 5: Direct theft and Defrauding.

A man pocketing lots of money, potentially after defrauding a client or stealing from an employer, potentially while under a fraud investigation by a private detective

For our fourth case study, IC investigations were approached by a client representing a business. They suspected that a salesperson on their payroll were taking cash payments from customers and not declaring it to the company owner. To stop it, they wanted a private investigator to prove it was occuring.

For this case, simple surveillance wasn’t enough. Our private investigator went undercover into the place of business to test and prove the circumstances of the claims. On two separate occasions, the investigator made purchases at times when the salesperson was active. The answer? The subject was taking cash from undeclared payments.

As part of our fifth and final case study in this article, we conducted two week surveillance on a subject suspected of defrauding client worth multi-millions. By producing covert footage of this subject in meetings, we proved the scale of his defamation and handed evidence over to our client.

Results: Case study 4 was grounds for not only termination but legal action, as the employee was directly stealing goods from the company. In the fifth case study, our private investigator provided evidence that allowed court proceedings to be instigated.

Considering a private investigator to help with your fraud investigation?

The case studies above list just a few times where IC Investigations have solved delicate issues for our business clients. Hiring a private investigator can end up saving a business money if you go with the right PI, but we recommend doing thorough research before making your choice.

For a free of charge discussion regarding your options, contact IC Investigations at 07543-271-886 or email We operate anywhere in the UK and can bring over 20 years of military, police and private investigation experience to your case.

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