Private Investigators: Helping You Move Home.

Private investigators offer many services that might not be immediately obvious to the public. Surveillance, for example, is a method that branches into many cases – including helping you move house.

Confused? We’ll explain.

How a private investigator can help you move home.

When you’re moving to a home – especially one in a new area – you’re taking a big risk, with a huge investment. There are many cases of people regretting purchasing a house, and a big reason involves where they’ve moved to. It’s often only after purchasing your home that you start to get a better grasp on what your neighbourhood is like, and that can be catastrophic for people who discover that there are antisocial problems plaguing their new home.

A private investigator helps by staking out your area before you make a purchase. We wouldn’t expect you to be able to take multiple days out of your week to get a feel for the area, which is why taking on a private investigator means getting a far more thorough look than visiting a neighbourhood a handful of times.

We’ll set up surveillance in the area of your (potential) new home, and look out for antisocial behaviour or red flags that indicate problems with the area. We’ll also do a damage test, which watches for cars being scratched and objects thrown at windows. B

We’re eager to raise awareness that this service is available, as moving house is no easy feat and to be stuck in an area you’re uncomfortable in can be catastrophic. Hiring a private investigator is the same as hiring a damp specialist, plumber or electrician to do house checks: you’re paying for a professional specialist to look for potential long term issues before you make a purchase.

Case Study.

IC Investigations were hired by a client to carry out surveillance of a property that she was looking to move to. To do so, we stayed with the property for three days and covertly watched for any warning signs that our client was worried about. This included listening for noisy neighbours, waiting to see if there were antisocial groups that often passed through, and watching for potential property damage to manifest.

After three days, we were satisfied that we had a good idea of what the neighbourhood was like and felt comfortable passing on our findings to our client. She felt much safer in continuing talks to buy the home, and had no regrets about carrying out the checks.

Buying a home? Get in touch.

From our experience, it never hurts to be cautious. Living in a neighbourhood with antisocial problems can be a nightmare, and it’s better to avoid it than to find out too late. If you have already moved in and are having troubles with your area, please click here for our article on dealing with antisocial behaviour.

Interested in checking out a property before buying it? Get in touch at our Facebook page, or visit our contact page for a phone number and email you can use if you prefer. We’re based around Darlington, in North East UK, but are happy to travel to wherever you or your future property is located.

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