Matrimonial Investigation: How a North East Private Investigator Can Help.

Matrimonial investigations, in one form or another, take up a large percentage of cases that a private investigator handles. This means that we’re well positioned to help potential clients understand how a private investigator can help with their matrimonial problems, whether for peace of mind or financial benefit to them.

Although we have private investigators based primarily in County Durham, we’ve also taken cases as private investigators in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Darlington and more; with work spanning the rest of the North East and wider UK area. Dealing with cases across the country, IC Investigations has found that many of our cases are classed as a matrimonial/cheating partner investigation.

What is a Matrimonial Investigation?

A matrimonial investigation is when a client wishes for us to investigate their partner or an aspect of their relationship. The most common reason we’re contacted is to determine if a partner is cheating on them. Our last blog post discussed five ‘cheating myths’ people might buy into, but we’re often contacted by people acting on their instinct and gut feeling that something isn’t right.

A matrimonial investigation typically involves placing the subject of the private investigation under covert surveillance. This can involve using GPS tracking, drones or distanced following on foot or in a vehicle. The purpose of this surveillance, which should always be carried out by a private investigator, is to find evidence that the subject is cheating. In cases where surveillance doesn’t suggest that any infidelity is occurring, we work to address a clients specific concerns and reasons for believing that they are being cheated on.

When carrying out surveillance, IC Investigations will provide footage (both audio and video) to prove that the subject is where we state they were. In many matrimonial cases where the partner was cheating, we have often filmed them with the third party at times where they had explicitly said they were elsewhere.

Private Investigators: How Can We Help With Matrimonial Problems?

Matrimonial investigations can be used to help a variety of concerned clients. A private investigator can help by providing irrefutable evidence to back your claims, which can often be very important for divorces that go through court. Proving that your partner was at fault for a divorce adds to your a lot to your case. One in seven divorces are filed on the grounds of adultery in the UK, so these are not uncommon circumstances.

Investigating the financial aspects of a divorce can help a client get the best settlement out of a breakup. We have experience with investigating finances of the other party in a divorce, as often people will try to lie and undersell how much money they make to ensure losing less out of a divorce settlement. Using a private investigator to double check financial information can in some cases be cheaper than coming out of a divorce settlement with less than you should have.

Private detectives are often hired by clients just to achieve peace of mind and work out their next steps from there. Suspecting your partner of being unfaithful can weigh heavily on all aspects of life, and may cause trust issues further down the line.

Hiring a private investigator helps because we’ll be there with you step by step to get you the exact answers that you’re looking for. Whatever you do with the information we provide, just having an answer has helped a lot of our clients.

Case Study

Operating as a Darlington private investigator, IC Investigations have a track record of dealing with matrimonial investigations.

One case that we handled was requested by a client who wanted us to investigate his wife. She had been meeting a male to go ‘dog walking’, and we were asked to carry out surveillance to make sure this was legitimate. This meant identifying the male and seeing what interactions he was having with the wife of our client. As part of the investigation, we captured footage as evidence for the client to use at a later date.

While conducting surveillance we noted that after the two subjects met at the park, they returned (attempting to be discreet) to the unknown male’s house. After reporting this to the client, he asked us to further research the unknown male as he believed he may have been suspicious or that his wife might have been endangered by meeting this man.

We conducted a thorough investigation that involved putting a name to the face and investigating his background. We searched local and national press, looked at the nearby General Records Office, and spoke to the police about a potential incident we’d unearthed.We discovered that this unknown male was lying to the wife of the client, and was known to be a conman. From start to finish, the investigation lasted two weeks.

For our client, hiring a private investigator for this matrimonial investigation proved to be the right call. Not only did he get answers to his questions, but he potentially avoided the financial damage that would’ve resulted from his wife falling for an elaborate con.

This case study is a good example of when trusting your gut feeling is the right call to make, how a private investigator can help, and why using private investigation has its benefits.

Interested in Learning More?

Darlington private investigators like ourselves deal with matrimonial investigations very frequently. Whether you live in County Durham, North Yorkshire; Tyne & Wear or beyond, matrimonial investigations can help many across the UK. While we’re based in Darlington, we’re happy to help any client across the country.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, you can read our about page or browse some of the other informative articles on our website. We also have a Facebook and Twitter page where you can follow the latest investigation news. Finally, if you suspect that you may benefit from a thorough and timely matrimonial investigation, you can contact us here.

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