Dealing with Elder Abuse

Uk Private Investigators handle many cases, but there are few as emotionally distressing as elder abuse. Many elderly adults have increased care and support needs, and an increased reliance on the help of others can put many in a vulnerable spot. Combined with loneliness, older adults can be made into potential victims by abusive individuals. In 2017 alone, almost 10% of older people in the UK said they were victim to elder abuse. Counting all reports of abuse from a wider range of perpetrators, this means almost a million older people are likely to be abused every year.

While this blog focuses on what private investigators can do to deal with elder abuse, you can read more about types of elderly-targeted scams here.

What are the forms of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can come in a variety of forms, every one of them a disgusting display in predatory behaviour. There are seven main types of elder abuse:

  • Physical abuse (Violence and use of force, restraints/confinement, use of drugs)
  • Financial abuse (stealing belongings or money, signature forging, misuse of financial accounts)
  • Emotional abuse (Intimidation, yelling/threats, ignoring, isolating or terrorizing an elderly person)
  • Neglect (Not fulfilling a caretaking obligation)
  • Abandonment (Intentionally deserting someone reliant on your care)
  • Self Neglect (When someone cannot meet their own basic needs)
  • Sexual abuse (Forced or unwanted sexual interaction with an older adult)

To read more about types of Elder Abuse and what signs to look for, visit this site for more information.

Can a Private Investigator help with elder abuse?

Yes. While the police and local councils have a duty to act on reports of elder abuse, they can sometimes struggle to produce the evidence required to act on reports. With a private investigator, your report can receive full-time attention that can often produce the evidence required to convict abusers. This means putting in hours and manpower that local authorities don’t always have the resources to do, ensuring the best outcome possible for resolving abuse.

How can a Private Investigator help me?

North East private detectives and beyond can work odd hours to capture evidence of elder abuse. This can include using cameras, microphones, investigative skills and other forms of surveillance to catch abusers in the act of abuse.

Is there a Private Detective near me?

If you suspect your relative or friend is being abused in any of the ways listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. IC Investigations are a UK based private investigation company operating in the North East, but we’re able to investigate cases of elder abuse anywhere in the country. It’s our mission to provide help to every one of our clients, and we go above and beyond in working to resolve your issues.

Get in touch with us for a no obligation discussion regarding your elder abuse concerns to see if there’s something we can do to help.

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