What can a Private Investigator do?

UK Private Investigators (also popularly known as private detectives) make a living by helping businesses or individuals solve problems that are often sensitive and require specialist handling to produce results. We make enquiries on behalf of our clients to find out information and check facts.

But what can a private investigator do?

In the UK, Private Investigation will soon be strictly licensed. Until then, the best judge of quality is if a Private Investigator is accredited with the ABI – Association of British Investigators. This means that they’re fully trained and qualified to offer the services they advertise at a professional and discreet standard.

If you’re looking for a local private investigator or you’re just curious about what we do, you can expect a professional private investigator to typically offer:

  • Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance and GPS tracking services .
  • Investigations into individuals (cheating partners, suspicious business acquaintances, unreliable employees etc.) .
  • Anti-Social Behaviour investigation.
  • Process Serving.

While these are some of the most common services that IC Investigations and other Private Investigators offer, UK private detectives such as ourselves are in a career where every case typically has an individual or unique twist. This means that qualified investigators are typically open to taking on all manner of cases that might not be physically listed on their services.

While our work may lack the grit, alcohol and fedoras that film noir may have lead you to believe, private investigators do offer thorough and diligent investigations into whatever your case may be.

If you think a UK private investigator could help solve problems for yourself or your business, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll see if we can help with your case, and if not we’ll try and recommend someone who can.

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