Employee Dishonesty

Screenshot_20200109-210130_PinterestThis time of year there is a higher than average chance that an employee will take advantage of their employer, be it theft of items from the company or backdoor dealing with clients or competitors. There may be a number of reasons for this type of behaviour. It could be the fact that the employee is short on cash after the Christmas break and an opportunity arises, or they feel entitled for some reason. Whatever the reason it can have a wider impact on the business; theft of charity money, stealing of stationery, not recording sales or returns, passing IP to competitors all create their own impact factors on your business. It may even be an employee who has taken up other work but instead of leaving your company they have decided to take sick leave so they are paid twice for working once. We have vast experience of this type of investigation, we can help you get the truth and the evidence you need. Call us now to discuss what your options are.

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