Abuse of Elderly and Vulnerable people

Abuse of Elderly and vulnerable people
Whilst the vast majority of home carers and those working in care home are professional, hard working and caring there are those that slip through the net; some examples include
• A CARER held a cup of tea over the head of an elderly bedbound woman with dementia and threatened to call the police if she failed to drink it; neither carer had any formal qualifications and had just shadowed other carers before starting work.
• A carer was filmed waving her fist at the woman, putting her face right up to her face and shouting at her.
• A carer is seen striking one of the woman’s arms and hands, while at other times she is seen talking on her phone and ignoring her victim.
• A care worker karate-chopped a mentally ill patient because he would not sit still.
• A carer wilfully neglected an elderly man at a care home, where the victim ‘fell out’ of bed whilst receiving one to one care; the carer used their phone and ignored the victim; when the victim attempted to get the carers attention, they were physically assaulted.
When you put a loved one’s care into the hands of others you don’t expect them to be abused and assaulted. If you have suspicions that a family member is being abused by a carer, we can help gather the evidence to present to the authorities.

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