Anti-Social Behaviour/ Criminal Damage


It is that time of year, the kids have broken up from school, they are bored and inevitably some will look for a bit of excitement. This can often mean getting up to no good, trespassing, committing criminal damage or even theft, Anti social behaviour whichever way you look at it.

Whatever the case, these are not victimless crimes. They often result in hundreds if not thousands of pounds of damage done or goods stolen, leaving a large clean up bill or loss of business. Incidents have included a barn being set on fire leaving the owners livelyhood ruined, a community railway had its carriages damaged and a school had windows and building structure damaged. CCTV will give you footage of the incident but as has been seen numerous times, it is often unclear or positioned in such a way that it does not give a clear view of the perpetrators. We can put physical surveillance in place to gather HD quality video evidence that will help to identify and ultimately prosecute these would be criminals. The Police can be called as the incident happens in real time not after the fact when the damage has been done.

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