Infidelity is not always straight forward


Infidelity with a twist

We were contacted by a client who suspected her husband was having an affair, a fairly standard issue for us.

The client traveled extensively for her work and suspected her husband was not where he said he was when she contacted him on the phone.

We sat with the client and discussed options, initially suggesting that we locate a GPS tracker on the vehicle her husband used. This would allow us to build up a pattern of life and potentially identify locations where he was meeting ‘the other woman’.

The GPS tracker was left to run for 14 days producing a great amount of data. We analysed the data and identified two potential locations that the subject had visited which were unknown to the client.

The client instructed us to carry out surveillance on her husband with a view to identifying the person he was meeting with and gathering as much evidence as possible of the two together.

Surveillance was put in place from mid afternoon with a view of picking up the subject from work. He left at the time he usually left work and as suspected did not drive home, instead he drove to a Hotel. The surveillance team housed him in the hotel and managed to identify the room he was in.

Within 2 hours of arriving at the hotel an unknown male and an unknown female drove away in the subject’s car which took the surveillance team by surprise. One of the team was left to cover the hotel reception while the two remaining team members followed the subject’s car. The unknown male and female parked at an expensive restaurant and went inside. About 3 hours later the couple came out and returned to the hotel, both entering the subject’s room.

The next morning the unknown male left, the subject had breakfast and went shopping, the female was not seen. The subject shopped for lingerie among other items before returning to the hotel. That evening a male came into reception and waited for someone. After 15 minutes a female walked into reception, walked up to the waiting male and kissed him on the cheek, only it wasn’t a female, it was the client’s husband, the subject of the surveillance. The same pattern followed, the pair got into the subject’s car and drove off to a restaurant. This time the team was able to obtain covert footage of the ‘couple’ together. There was a large amount of flirting between the pair. Again, about 3 hours later the pair drove back to the hotel and entered the subject’s room. An operator was tasked with passing the room door occasionally to try and gain an idea of what was going on inside; it soon became apparent that intimate contact was taking place.

The next morning, the male left the room and exited the hotel. The subject attended breakfast, returned to his room, collected his bag and checked out before driving home.

Once it became clear that the subject was not going anywhere else the client was contacted and given an update, needless to say there was a deafening silence on her end of the phone.

Infidelity is not always straight forward…


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