This week….

So, this week has been a very interesting week. We have liaised with trading standards regarding an ongoing case, and other agencies are involved in what is proving to be a complex fraud case.

A client contacted us this week to engage our services to identify potential infidelity within their relationship. This is another client who had been previously ‘ripped off’ by an ‘investigation company’. They had been badly advised, the method of evidence gathering was flawed, and when the client requested to see the evidence, non could be produced. This probably happened because the client was vulnerable, they were open to suggestion and the ‘investigation company’ had not taken the time to run through options with the client, and they had no experience in how to do this type of work.

I say it time and time again, ring round, get information from different companies. Ask questions. Cheaper is not always better. As the saying goes, “buy cheap, pay twice”. In some cases, more expensive is not always better.

Taking payment upfront is standard throughout the industry. Most investigators will invoice you, you pay the invoice and the task/case/investigation is confirmed. Wheels are then set in motion to deploy resources, conduct inquiries etc. If you are asked for your credit card details ‘, if you feel you are being pressured into accepting a service, hang up. The budget should be something that is discussed. In typical fashion a surveillance subject will appear 5 minutes before you are due to finish the observations, so it is prudent to have discussed this.

Another matrimonial case was partially concluded this week. Strong evidence of potential co-habitation was gained, which will be backed up with imagery of the subject at the place where they don’t live and at the place where they don’t work.

The ongoing child protection case is gathering momentum with the evidence growing each day. The use of technical devices, covert cameras, and physical surveillance is being combined to build a case of evidence that will be used in court.

We have two trace cases on at the moment, one is straight forward, but with limited information, the second has taken our inquiries to the far east. The second is a complex case of perceived identity theft spanning the last 20 years. We are working with a partner agency on this one as local knowledge is priceless.

We continue to operate with honesty, integrity and discretion, we treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve. We are real people with real solutions to real issues.


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