Statistically this is the time of year when extra marital affairs begin; Christmas, office parties, ‘works do’s’. A heady mix of mistletoe and alcohol, inhibitions are lowered, sexual curiosity increases and the inevitable happens. A large proportion of extra marital affairs begin at work, and often the results can be devastating; sexually transmitted diseases, bribery and blackmail, bullying and manipulation, stalking, allegations of rape and pregnancy.
In the run up to Christmas estate agents see a rise in newly single or separated males looking for property to rent. Whilst the separation may be mutual and an opportunity to have some space, it also provides a breeding ground for resentment and gives rise to the opportunity to seek ‘comfort’ elsewhere.
Even if relationships are revived there is a higher than average chance that the secret relationship may continue, behaviours may change back in the family home, more care with appearance, working late, or doing ‘overtime’.
This is not 100% a male issue, females are equally able to commit to extra marital affairs, even when there are children involved.
If you are in the above situation, or have been and you have doubts about the validity of your partners whereabouts, or their behaviour has changed contact us to talk through some options.

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