Successful conclusion

This week we have had two cases come to a conclusion, one has been running for a number of months, while the other only took a few weeks. Both cases were concluded successfully for the clients.

In both cases evidence was carefully gathered using a variety of means. In the long running case the evidence was used in court. The evidence had been prepared for our client to pass to their legal team, and the legal team of the defendant. Such was the strength of the evidence that the defendants’ legal team tried to have it discounted. As a result of our evidence our client was able to secure a financial settlement at less than half of what was originally offered, saving them thousands of pounds a year.

The second case took a little over three weeks to bring to conclusion. Again using various techniques, evidence was gathered to prove conclusively that the subject of the investigation was indeed involved in illicit activity. The strength of the evidence gave our client what they needed to make a decision about their immediate and long term future.

We provide a professional service to our clients throughout the duration of their case regardless of length.

We manage the expectations of our clients offering advice on the best course of action to take to achieve the best possible outcome.

We conduct investigations and operations all across the UK, using professional, properly qualified and experienced operators.

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