Case Study #2 Injury claimant

We were contacted by a client to carry out surveillance on a subject in his 50’s. The subject was ‘on the sick’ with a severe back injury that had kept them off work for a prolonged period. The injury had occurred at work. It was so disabling that the subject was unable to walk for more than a few feet. They spent their days mainly sitting in their front room watching TV, or laid up in bed. The subject was on high doses of pain medication that stopped them from performing even the most basic of tasks.
Surveillance commenced at 0900 on a Saturday. For 11 hours there was no sign of the subject, the only movement observed from the subject’s address was a female putting out the rubbish.
Just after the 11th hour the subject exited their address accompanied by two others. The subject walked approximately half a mile to a local public house where they spent the evening (surveillance was extended due to this activity). The subject drank a substantial amount of alcohol and appeared very relaxed and pain free. At closing time the subject walked back home again accompanied. All of this activity was captured on video. It showed the subject walking freely, no limp, no apparent pain and for more than the few steps they claimed. Once the subject was housed the operators stood down.
Day 2 commenced at 0900 the next day. Within two hours the subject exited their address, looked up and down the street and then proceeded to walk up the street to another property. From here the subject exited from the rear of this property in company. Both parties walked to a local news agents, purchased newspapers and other small items before making their way back to the subject’s address. Again all activity was captured on video. No further movement was observed for the remainder of the surveillance.
All evidence was passed to the client who was understandably happy as previous attempts had not been successful in obtaining any evidence.

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