Case Study #1. Matrimonial

A client contracted us to carry out a period of surveillance on his wife as he was concerned that she was endangering herself by meeting an unknown male, albeit in a public place, the client had his concerns that all was not as it seemed.

Having previously engaged a Private detective agency who had charged the client for a particular service, but had delivered something different the client was understandably skeptical. We spoke with the client at length and explained every aspect of what would happen. We believe in transparency and integrity, so it was explained to the client that the end result may not be what he wanted; often clients have a suspicion and want us to prove it, however, this does not always happen.

The client instructed us to carry out surveillance on his wife, follow her to the public place where she would meet with an unknown male, capture footage of both parties together, note their interactions and where possible follow the unknown male to his home address to allow further checks to be done on him.

The subject left home and made her way to the popular dog walking area where she met the unknown male. They proceeded to walk around a circuit allowing footage to be captured all of the way round. Our operator took up a position to allow close in footage on their return to their vehicles.

The interactions did not appear to be intimate between the two parties, indeed both maintained a civil distance between each other. Both returned to unknown males’ vehicle with his dog and body language appeared to indicate each had an ‘interest’ in each other beyond the platonic.

After capturing footage the operator followed as the unknown male and the clients wife left in separate vehicles but in the same direction. After some miles the unknown male turned off the A road he was travelling on. The operator followed at a discreet distance and eventually housed the unknown male at a residence in a small village. At this point the operator stood down and collated the footage and information into a report to the client. What the report did not contain was the address of the unknown male, but the client was made aware that the unknown male had been housed at an address.

The client then divulged information that the unknown male had told his wife, information that the client felt did not sound plausible, so he instructed us to carry out further investigation into the unknown male and the story he had given to the clients wife. The investigation began with a search of the electoral role and land registry to get a name for the unknown male; it involved speaking with the Police to see if they had a record of a particular incident that was alleged to have taken place some years ago; it required a search of the local and national press, a search at the General Records Office in Stockport, a search of a Parish church’s register of burials and a social media search.

The searches revealed that the story that the now known male had told the clients wife was in fact untrue in all aspects, this was put into a report to the client which obviously raised his concerns even further.

At this stage, the client asked what he could realistically do. The advice given to the client was to take the information he had and seek advice from the Police and if necessary have them log his concerns in a report.

The client contacted the Police and outlined his concerns. He told them he had instructed a Private Investigator to carry out checks on his behalf. He handed the information we had given him to the Police who confirmed everything we had found.

Throughout the whole surveillance and investigation period we managed the expectations of the client, keeping them up to date with progress and giving advice on what could and what could not be realistically achieved.

Unfortunately for the client the male had not committed an offence by lying to his wife and the police can do very little other than log the event as an incident, give the client an incident number and advise him to speak with his wife.

This was where our remit ceased, but for added value for the client we gave him some options that could be taken including coming clean with his wife and giving her full disclosure to the information we had uncovered.

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